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No matter what business you're in, the challenge of running a business is daunting. You need to be more than just great at what you do -- you need to have a masters in business to make your hard work worthwhile. In this podcast, we will provide the tips and tools you need to run an efficient business, make more money and maximize your enjoyment running your practice.

Apr 13, 2018

When it comes to communication you need a little MORE talk and a lot MORE action!


  1. Focus on the solution

To get where you want to be, there needs to be a solution and everyone on the team needs to be working towards that same solution!


  1. Have a consequence

If a challenge is not resolved or a goal has not been met, then you need to have a consequence. The consequence does not have to necessarily be a bad thing, but if there is something that did not get done, then something needs to change in order to get to that solution!


  1. Have a date

If you don't have a date by which something needs to be done, you won't know when to implement a "plan B' or a consequence when a goal is not met or a problem is not resolved!