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No matter what business you're in, the challenge of running a business is daunting. You need to be more than just great at what you do -- you need to have a masters in business to make your hard work worthwhile. In this podcast, we will provide the tips and tools you need to run an efficient business, make more money and maximize your enjoyment running your practice.

Apr 5, 2019

Your client pipeline is where you should get most of your qualified clients from. Having a strong and steady pipeline can maximize your business!

So what if you find yourself in a position where you've let that pipeline run dry?

First, you need to look at how you got into this position in the first place. Most likely, we got there because we were too focused on doing the work and completing tasks and were not focused on keeping the pipeline filled.

This is not an easy problem to solve, but it's absolutely possible! The best way to avoid the situation is to take the necessary steps to not be in this position in the first place. If you're already in this place, make a commitment to fill your pipeline, and before anything else, make sure you ALWAYS have a focus on filling your client pipeline!

Here are 4 steps to filling your pipeline and NEVER letting it run dry!

1. Reach out to who you know already! If you have dormant clients or clients who are about to become dormant, you have a huge opportunity to fill your pipeline! Get them on the phone and have a conversation!

2. Make a list of who you need to know! There are many people who you know already who are most likely connected to the people you need to know. Make some calls, reach out, and make the important relationships that you need to make!

3. Figure out who you can help! You may ask yourself "How does helping someone else help ME?" In my experience, I've found that reaching out and helping others will help you make important relationships that can benefit YOU!

4. Who can you partner with? Make a list of business' that do what you do or have the same client base and reach out to them. Even if you can't establish a partnership, you may learn something about your target client base. OR you may establish a partnership that benefits your partner as well as you!

These 4 steps will create you a strong and steady pipeline, maximize your growth opportunities, and help you have HAPPIER CLIENTS, BETTER RESULTS, MAKE MORE MONEY, AND ENJOY THE RIDE!