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No matter what business you're in, the challenge of running a business is daunting. You need to be more than just great at what you do -- you need to have a masters in business to make your hard work worthwhile. In this podcast, we will provide the tips and tools you need to run an efficient business, make more money and maximize your enjoyment running your practice.

Oct 18, 2017

The national average for accounts receivable in dentistry is $116,000.  This is a situation where the numbers are continually rising with no end in sight.  Allowing your patients to receive treatment and still owe you money does not serve your Vision, Patients, Team, and Bottom Line Profit!  Put your focus on value and get away from talking about price. 

Top 3 Mindset Challenges:

  1.  Why would I give up 10% to a third party company when I can finance it myself
  2. As long as I can cover my lab fees I am ok financing the rest in house
  3. My patients don’t have any credit and they can’t pass an application


Top 3 Reasons you should implement 3rd party financing:

  1.  You alleviate all of your financial risk
  2. You get paid regardless, and your team does not have to do all the work to collect all of the past balances
  3. You are able to remove money as an obstacle to the relationship.  You don’t have to be the bad guy