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No matter what business you're in, the challenge of running a business is daunting. You need to be more than just great at what you do -- you need to have a masters in business to make your hard work worthwhile. In this podcast, we will provide the tips and tools you need to run an efficient business, make more money and maximize your enjoyment running your practice.

Oct 4, 2017

In this show, we discuss the differences in investing of yourself vs. creating expectations of your team.  We discuss examples of being willing to do what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and what leading by example looks like in a dental business.  Being willing to do whatever it takes versus expecting your team to carry out your expectations of them and you not investing in yourself to do the same!  Michael Jordan was is the greatest of all time and he was always the first to be in practice and he was always the last one to leave. He always leads by example and we should do the same.


Top Three Takeaways:

  1.  Make sure every expectation you have in your mind supports the vision you have set for your practice
  2. Find Ways to be the example (First one in the Last one to leave)
  3. The doctor is the leader of the ship he or she has to be above reproach with your own expectations